I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I started doing ceramics my sophmore year of college, wanting a break from my rigorous math classes, and subsequently changed my major to art. I finished my MFA in April 2011, was a resident artist at Worcester Center for Crafts for a year, studio technician at Guldagergaard in Denmark for 2 years and now I am the Studio Manager at Lawrence Arts Center. I love outerspace, the future, the past and the present.

"We saw a nebula in a telescope
A golden mist cluster we thought we saw
In larger telescopes it could seem as
The fathomless space of a thousand suns.

Our spinning thoughts made it appear
To rise, high above earth’s wars,
Away from time and space—our lives’ naïveté—
To other dimensions’ majesty.

No law rules there as in this life.
There reign the laws for the world of worlds.
There surge the suns away, mature
And ring into the source of all the suns.

A multitude of suns are to be found.
Each sun there beats with cosmic law
In the unbearable light of greater suns.
And all is clearness there, the day of days.”
--Harry Martinson

'R' is for Rachel