B-ball dreamin' 3/13/16
Been designing and dreaming. I made a bunch of basketbowls for the Lawrence Arts Center Souper Bowl fundraiser event. Along with some cantaloupe bowls like I used to make.
I was in a craft fair in December where I designed a soap dish to sell with my handmade soaps, to increase the soap longevity. It's the Grid soap dish you can see in the gallery. Check it out! For sale soon on my etsy.

There is no place like home 1/8/15
I came back to the United States and have been looking for a job and a home base since September. Happy to inform you, I am the new studio manager at the Lawrence Arts Center. Lawrence is an amazing little oasis in middle America and I am loving the position so far. Looking forward to making new work.

Guldagergaard 7/19/14
Been working as the Studio Technician in Denmark for the past two years. Haven't had much time to work on personal projects, but I will post a few pictures of some cups I made while I've been here.

New Job 7/22/12
I'm heading back to Guldagergaard in Denmark this week. I'll be working for the next three months there...and maybe longer!! I have a lot of design ideas that I am looking forward to exploring.

AiR Time 5/8/12
I'm finishing my time at Worcester Center for Crafts. Our art show is installed this week. I'll post more pictures in my gallery of the exhibition.

Seattle Exhibition 3/13/12
My friend Eva Funderburgh invited me to a group show in Seattle. Its called Chimeras. Check it out if you are in Seattle. I will be there the week of NCECA.

New Work 3/02/12
I just made my first gif. I've been working on terracotta plinths to hold space ships on the wall and drawing op art on them. I really like how all the colors change. Here it is on my tumblr.

Worcester Mag 10/31/2011
The Worcester Center for Crafts Artists in Residence were featured in an article in Worcester Mag. Check it out! There's a small paragraph about me.

Artist Residency 7/28/2011
Starting in September I will be a resident artist at Worcester Center for Crafts in Massachusetts. It will be quite the adventure. I'm very excited to be able to become a member of the art community there....and to drive across the country. America here we come!

New Projects 5/23/2011
I've been working on a lot of design projects. I'll post pictures soon. I've been making a lot of molds and slip casting porcelain.

Graduation 4/21/2011
I've got an MFA!! It's official.

Day Jaw Boo-a re/collection--up and running 02/15/2011
Go visit the atmosphere I created in Gallery 303. My MFA final show will be up Feb 28, 2011

Day Jaw Boo-a re/collection 02/10/2011
I set up the show in two days!

Day Jaw Boo 01/08/2011
Working working working on my final show. It's a re-collection of previous work seen in a whole new light/atmosphere. Come see! Feb 15th-28th in the HFAC gallery 303.

SEQUENCE ONE 2/10/2010

This is a video collaboration with artist Emily Fox. We put our "heads" together and this is what happened.